• Alpesh Darji
    I can recommend to any of my friend and relative. Very Kind Hearten and Gentlemen. I would rate him 5 out 5. Visitor can close there eyes and trust him and the way he treats his patients.
    Alpesh Darji
    Good. The doctor listened carefully to the patient history, symptoms and complaints. Suggested a course of action, and did not recommend an immediate surgical intervention. He seemed to have a good appreciation of other treatments the patient had to undergo and medications she had to take in the past.
  • Harish M. Shah
    From the first visit to the surgery and the follow up visit, the experience has been extremely professional. Dr Hardik provided a detailed explanation of the problem, ensured we were comfortable with the surgery idea in every way, he accommodated his schedule to suit our time preferences and the visit to his clinic also is extremely comforting and cordial.
    Harish M. Shah
  • Rajesh Mehta
    Rajesh Mehta
  • Trushal Kokate
    Excellent diagnosis and treatment provided by Dr. Hardik. Would definitely recommend patient suffering from gastrointestinal problems.
    Trushal Kokate
  • Sulochana Sawant
    Have visited Dr hardik shah about 4 times now and he has been pretty patient in explaining all the medical related conditions carefully the followup of the diagnosis has been positive as well with substantial and satisfactory reduction in pain and overall ailment
    Sulochana Sawant
  • Jogindra S. Parmar
    The doctor is good his check is also good my experience with him is show me that the doctor is well good in treatment.
    Jogindra S. Parmar
  • Harsh Sanghvi
    Harsh Sanghvi
  • Aditi Srivastava
    Very nice doctor, very helpful and makes the patient feel at ease. Thank you doctor for such speedy and precise recovery.
    Aditi Srivastava
  • Mateen chilwan
    I m totally fine.....health has improved as treated by Dr Hardik Shah........visiting clinic for follow up....as per his advise.
    Mateen chilwan
  • Rashmi Jamsandekar
    Improving health Better than previous....... Surely recommended to family friends and others... Thank you........
    Rashmi Jamsandekar
  • Rachna Narkar
    A very good doctor, my mom was getting treated for liver cirrhosis from this doctor. He treated her really well. Explains the problem and then he treats.
    Rachna Narkar
  • Mithul Yogesh Pardiwala
    Yes, the doctor was very polite and helpful. The current report was explained to me and also helped us to find the alternative medicine. The medicine are not available in the market so alternative will be started from this month.
    Mithul Yogesh Pardiwala
  • Sakina
    Thank you very much ..... Dr Hardik Shah...because of you I have improved my health...and Dr is suggestable to other patients ..
  • Vishal Parghi
    At present feeling better than earlier. Nice treatment Friendly atmosphere Nature of doctor and staff excellent...
    Vishal Parghi
  • Virti Shah
    Visited For Gastritis Great doctor...gives you an in depth explanation of your problem and the satisfaction that will be perfect
    Virti Shah
  • Suleman Qureshi
    Visited For Stomach Pain I was suffering from gastric and stomach pain, stomach upset. Its a great and helpful experience with doctor. Now I am having quite good health and feeling much more better.
    Suleman Qureshi
  • Kalpana M. Jadhav
    I have improved my health...Thanks alots to Dr Hardik Shah...now no need at all to visit my family Doctor also totally fit and satisfied wid his treatment
    Kalpana M. Jadhav
  • Daksh Sanghavi
    Visited For Familial adenomatous polyposis Quite good enough was really satisfied proper followup was there n was happy with the interaction thank. You so much will
    Daksh Sanghavi
  • Neelam Habib
    Very good.....recommended. Dr Hardik Shah for stomach related problems....Doctor Practise is excellent.....thank you
    Neelam Habib
  • Meena Ramesh Jain
    Kind n understanding doctor, explaining matters in details.........my health is improving with the medications prescribed by him.
    Meena Ramesh Jain
  • Vimla M. Kanungo
    I trust to send all my family and friends to him...I with be forever grateful for his humor. expertise and guidance...enjoying my health now...and like to visit the clinic too
    Vimla M. Kanungo
  • Mahesh Sharma
    Excellent doctor... Understanding, listens.. great experience... love my outcome..quick to refill prescriptions..
    Mahesh Sharma
  • Jainam Dedhia
    All good now feeling way better than before........... Would surely recommend this doctor to all my friends and relatives.
    Jainam Dedhia
  • Padma Mehta
    Excellent Doctor...we always finish our appt on time...good support and service from him...recommended to everyone ..plz visit the doctor if required....my health is good too
    Padma Mehta
  • Kaushal Turakhia
    From last 4 month health is absolute good..Doctor was right place to visit..we don't miss the follow up appt whenever called. Thank u
    Kaushal Turakhia
  • Ranjan A. Modi
    Amazing Doctor....He is one that will treat you with the utmost respect and tender care.....his treatment helped in me get rid of my pain
    Ranjan A. Modi
  • Jagdish Parmar
    I strongly recommend Dr. Hardik Shah to every one...he is very caring and knowledgeable..always answerable for all questions....I have too improved my health.
    Jagdish Parmar

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